Time 4 Nutrition

We carry a range of Time 4 Nutrition products at the gym that are available to purchase on premises.

If we need to order a product for you it'll be ready for you to collect in 48 hours.


We're excited to be carrying Tuff Wraps stock in the gym! Already an established strength and fashion brand in the US, they're really taking off in the UK.


As well as having a water fountain in the gym we stock a selection of drinks, protein bars and snacks available to purchase.

Our base stock includes:

Bottles of water

PhD Smart bars - various flavours

PhD Protein Shakes

Grenade Shakes

Grenade Carb killa bars

marina fitness brand

We're in the process of bringing together our own range of  Marina Fitness branded products. 

Watch this space to find out more as we get closer to launch!

the slaughterhouse brand

 Coming soon! The Slaughterhouse Brand. Watch this space to find out more as we get closer to launch!

Primal Strength

Equipment Made in the UK

Primal Strength is a British-designed, premium strength and functional equipment brand. They engineer equipment to the highest standards in durability, ergonomics and aesthetics. Their focus is to deliver the highest specification of kit for bespoke gyms, studios and CrossFit boxes worldwide. We are proud to provide you with the Primal brand!