Terms & Conditions

 Scheme available from 18th November 2019

  • Only Marina Fitness members on a VIP, Annual, 12 month, Early Bird Renewal, Monthly rolling, or Monthly rolling - non DD membership may participate in this scheme
  • New members must be signed up to a 12 month or monthly rolling membership to qualify
  • The new member must give the existing members full name and/or membership number during the sign-up process for the existing member to qualify for referral credits
  • One full months paid membership equals £1.00 credit
  • Partial months membership do not qualify for a credit
  • The first credit will be applied to the existing members next billable month following the end of the new members first full month's membership.
  • Credits will continue to be applied for the duration of the membership of the person referred
  • If the person referred defaults on their monthly payment, cancels, freezes or otherwise ends their membership their credit will no longer be applied to the referrers membership
  • If the existing member defaults on their membership payments, or ceases their membership for any reason they are no longer part of the referral scheme and all credits will cease
  • THe maximum number of credits achievable per member per month is equal to the monthly value of the referrers membership fee
  • If the existing member is a VIP or annual member - monetary monthly credits do not apply  - instead -  2 additional days will be added to the length of their membership for each new member signed up
  • Standard terms & conditions apply to all new member sign ups

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