Victoria Vance - personal trainer and fitness instructor

Victoria Vance

Victoria Vance

Victoria Vance

Health & Fitness Director

I specialise in body transformation, creating tailored programmes and sessions for all experience levels, abilities, ages, shapes,

 sizes and gender. 

I have been in the Health and Fitness industry for 12 years. 

I qualified with a BSc in Sports Development in 2007 and am now a Level 4 Strength and Conditioning coach, Level 4 Olympic Lifting coach, Level 3 Personal Trainer, Bootcamp and Class Instructor. 

Outside of the gym I am a wife and mother of 2 young children and enjoy challenging myself by organising and partaking in various physical/endurance events.


Rhonda Daugule

Victoria Vance

Victoria Vance

 Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor

I am level 3 qualified Personal Trainer & nutrition advisor, currently working towards my level 4 qualification. I specialise in exercise & nutrition for fat loss, post natal exercise and functional training. 

I am passionate about group exercise classes as an effective and fun way to start your fitness journey. 

Fitness should be inclusive no matter what your skills, abilities or experiences are. I can build a program tailored specifically for you that will be safe and enjoyable, as well as enabling you to reach your personal fitness goals.

When I am not working at the gym , I like hiking, taking road trips and discovering new places with my husband.


Grace Elizabeth Evans

Grace Elizabeth Evans

Grace Elizabeth Evans

Pilates Instructor 

Grace began her fitness career in 2016 teaching fitness classes.

She specialises in all things Pilates, with a strong focus on mobility and stretching.

Grace will help you to prioritise your health and happiness and give you the foundations you need to embrace freedom of movement.

When she's not coaching Grace enjoys walking and photography. 


Melanine Blades

Grace Elizabeth Evans

Grace Elizabeth Evans

  Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor 

Mel is a vibrant and energetic Level Three Personal Trainer who specialises in:

Sport specific training

Core strength training

Weightloss for IVF and fertility 

Menopause and fitness

Mental health and exercise

Nutrition coaching

She is also a qualified Spinning and Boxing instructor.

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